Nike Air Shackletons

Did you ever think that you were the type of person who wouldn’t ever make conversation by talking about the weather?  The weather always happens and it usually the same thing that happened last year at around this time, right?  Well, coming back to Ottawa from the a frozen city in the middle of Canada called Saskatoon, I found myself remarking on the weather like the worst weather remarkers out there.  “It was really cold, but there wasn’t much snow.”  I would say.  “I flew over Toronto and saw barely any snow!”  Now I’m even blogging about it.  This has to stop.

Anyways, I went to Saskatoon.  It was really cold.  I spent the whole time playing board games, watching movies, and putting food inside my body.  All indoors.  Click here to see a very small set of photos I took on the inside of various Saskatoon buildings.